How to Anchor Outdoor Christmas Decorations

With the arrival of winter comes holiday decorations! Christmas is a season for brightening up our outdoor spaces with festive lights and one-of-a-kind outdoor seasonal decor.

How to Anchor Outdoor Christmas Decorations

But setting up these decorations can be tricky; whether you’re adorning your home, flooding your lawn with sparkle, or creating an original look on the deck – you want to make sure things stay in place under any winter weather condition.

This blog post will provide several tips and tricks for how to anchor outdoor christmas decorations so that they withstand high winds or heavy snowfall as we approach the holidays. Read on to discover strategies for hanging garlands around windows, latching down trees, safe staking practices, and more!

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Decorations from Blowing Away?

When you’re decorating outdoors for the holidays, securing your decorations is an important part of the process. Wind and weather can quickly blow away or damage any unsecured items, so it’s essential that you anchor your decorations properly to prevent them from getting damaged or thrown around.

One way to secure your outdoor decorations is to drive stakes into the ground and tie the items to them. This works for large, heavier items such as inflatable lawn decorations or artificial Christmas trees. You can also use this method for string lights, as long as you wrap each stake with plastic or electrical tape for safety.

If you want to hang something from a tree branch, make sure to use wire or a heavy-duty fishing line that is strong enough to withstand any wind gusts. And don’t forget about your roof – if there are gutters on your home, you can attach hangers using screw-in hooks and cable ties. 

Make sure these are securely attached so they don’t fall off in the wind.

When setting up outdoor decorations, remember to take the weather into account. Plan for windy days and make sure your decorations are properly secured. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that all of your holiday decorations stays in place throughout the season!

10 Effective Methods on How to Anchor Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. Use Zip Ties.

Zip Ties Are a Great Way

Zip ties are a great way to anchor outdoor Christmas decorations to railings, fences, and other objects. To use a zip tie to anchor decorations, wrap the zip tie around the decoration and attach it to a railing or fence post.

Securely hold the zip tie in place by pulling it tight and cutting off any excess length. While zip ties are not the most aesthetically pleasing way to anchor decorations, they are a cheap and quick solution. Make sure to use a sturdy zip tie, as thin zip ties may not be able to hold the weight of your decorations.

2. Use Bungee Cords.

Bungee cords are another great way to anchor outdoor Christmas decorations. Not only are they reusable, but they’re also adjustable and offer a greater range of motion. Tie the cord around your decoration and hook it up to a sturdy anchor point, such as a tree trunk or fence post.

The cord stretches when necessary and gives your decoration enough slack to move in the wind. Be sure to leave some extra cord for a more secure fit as well. For added protection, you can add additional bungee cords in different directions for a stronger hold.

When you’re finished, just coil the cord up and store it away for next season. While bungee cords are a great option for anchoring outdoor Christmas decorations, they do have their drawbacks. Since the cords are elastic, they may wear out over time and lose their hold.

3. Use a Fishing Line.

A fishing line is a great way to anchor outdoor Christmas decorations to trees, shrubs, and other tall surfaces. To use a fishing line, tie one end to the decoration and the other end to an anchor point such as a pole or tree branch. Depending on the size and weight of the decoration, you can use a lightweight fishing line or one with a higher breaking point.

point such as a pole

To attach the fishing line to a pole, use a zip tie for added security. Make sure to leave some slack in the line so that it doesn’t become taut during windy weather. Once the decoration is secure, cover up the fishing line with small decorations such as ornaments or lights to complete the look.

4. Use Duct Tape.

Duct tape is a great way to anchor outdoor Christmas decorations against strong winds and inclement weather. Place duct tape over the back of the decoration to attach it firmly against whatever surface you’re affixing it to, such as a wall or window frame.

Duct tape is also great for attaching Christmas lights to outdoor surfaces securely and can be used on any material.

To get maximum adhesion, make sure to firmly press the tape against the surface, ensuring that it is airtight. Additionally, make sure to use a quality product, as cheaper duct tapes may not be strong enough to hold up in all weather conditions.

5. Use Hot Glue.

Hot glue is another great way to anchor outdoor decorations to surfaces. This is especially useful on hard surfaces like bricks, concrete, and wood. Make sure the surface you are gluing to is clean and dry before applying the glue. Once the glue has been applied to both surfaces, press firmly for 30-60 seconds.

For added security, use screws or nails alongside hot glue for heavier items. Be careful not to use too much glue, as it can damage the decorations and make them difficult to remove later.

However, the glue is strong enough to hold up decorations against wind and rain. Although, it’s important to note that hot glue can freeze and break in extreme temperatures.

6. Use Velcro Strips.

Velcro strips are a great way to securely attach decorations to the exterior of your home. Not only are they strong and durable, but they’re also easy to use – simply place one strip on the back of your decoration and the other on a clean, dry surface.

Velcro Strips Are a Great Way

This will ensure that your outdoor Christmas decorations stay in place for longer. To ensure the Velcro strips stick properly, make sure to press down firmly when applying them. Additionally, if needed, you can use a few extra nails or screws around the edges for extra security.

This will provide added protection against windy conditions that may try to move your decorations around. With these simple steps and supplies, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor decorations all winter long.

7. Use Magnets.

Magnets are another great way to anchor outdoor Christmas decorations. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, including self-adhesive magnetic strips for sticking onto surfaces. Be sure to use strong magnets that can hold up against the wind and rain.

And don’t forget to place them out of sight so they aren’t visible from the street or your neighbors’ view. Magnets can also be used to attach garlands and strings of lights around windows, door frames, or along the edges of gutters. Just make sure whatever surfaces you’re attaching them to are strong enough to hold up against the weight of the decorations.

8. Use Suction Cups.

Suction cups are another option for attaching outdoor Christmas decorations to smooth surfaces such as windows or doors. They work by creating a vacuum seal between the cup and the surface, which prevents the decoration from being blown away by the wind.

Additionally, suction cups can be easily removed without damaging the surface they are attached to. To use suction cups, you may need a ladder or step-stool to reach higher areas.

9. Use Twine or String

Twine or string can be used in much the same way as fishing line, except that it is not as strong. This means that you will need to use more twine or string to secure a decoration than you would fishing line.

However, twine or string can be useful for securing small decorations or for temporarily holding a decoration in place until you are able to use a more permanent method. Additionally, twine or string can be more easily concealed if you do not want it to be visible.

10. Use Wire Hangers

Use a Wire Hanger

Wire hangers can be bent into shape and then used to secure outdoor Christmas decorations onto gutters, tree branches, or other structures. To use a wire hanger, simply bend it into shape and then thread it through the loop on the back of the decoration. Once threaded, twist the wire hanger around itself to secure it in place.


Decorating for Christmas is a fun and exciting tradition.

Although it may seem daunting at first, anchoring outdoor decorations correctly ensures that your decorations stay where you put them and last for years to come.

With the proper planning and research, you can have a beautiful display that is sure to put a smile on your face, both when you create it and when you enjoy seeing all of your hard work displayed.

Be sure to follow the instructions from this post to ensure everything is securely in place before sharing with friends, family, or passersby! Start now on how to anchor outdoor christmas decorations so you can look back in amazement at what wonders winter has brought forth!

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