How to Dispose of an Inflatable Pool

Are you ready to say goodbye to your beloved inflatable pool? It is important to know how to dispose of an inflatable pool. Closing out the swimming season can be bittersweet, but don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing how to correctly and safely dispose of an inflatable pool is important for protecting our environment and keeping our community clean.

How to Dispose of an Inflatable Pool

This blog post will explain exactly how you should go about disposing of your inflatable pool so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill where it can cause harm to the planet. So keep reading if you want all the details on what comes next!

Tools You Will Need 

  • Rubber gloves 
  • A garbage bag 
  • Disinfectant or bleach 
  • Towels and cloths

6 Steps Guide on How to Dispose of an Inflatable Pool 

1. Wipe Away Excess Moisture

To properly dispose of an inflatable pool, start by draining any remaining water and wiping away excess moisture. To make sure your inflatable pool is no longer holding any water, you may want to flip it upside-down and let it sit for a few hours before proceeding. Once drained, fold the material as best you can and wrap it in a garbage bag or other waterproof material like plastic wrap. 

Make sure you securely close the bag before transporting it outside the home to dispose of it responsibly. It’s important to follow local regulations when disposing of inflated pools, so check with your municipality before getting rid of yours.

2. Use a Disinfectant or Bleach Solution

Keeping your inflatable pool clean is essential for a healthy swimming environment, and rubber gloves are an important safety measure for the task. Before disposal, it is advisable to empty out and thoroughly clean the pool with a disinfectant or bleach solution. 

Be sure to check and remove any debris, like leaves, twigs, and bugs that have made their way into the pool. By using rubber gloves, you will protect yourself from any harsh chemicals in the cleaners and keep your hands safe while cleaning out the inflatable pool.

Cleaning Out the Inflatable Pool

3. Dry Completely

Proper disposal of an inflatable pool is important for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Before any other steps are taken, make sure you allow the pool to dry completely in a well-ventilated area. This will ensure that any remaining water evaporates properly, reducing the chances of it leading to erosion or other forms of damage to the area around it. 

Allowing plenty of time for drying is essential to this process, as rushing it may lead to mold or mildew buildup, hampering your ability to effectively move on with the next steps in disposing of your inflatable pool.

4. Place It Into a Large Garbage Bag

After a long summer of splashing, sliding, and swimming in the pool, it’s time to say goodbye. An inflatable pool should first be completely emptied of any remaining water and drained. Once it is completely dry, fold up the sides until you reach the middle. 

Tie or use an elastic band to secure the pool into a manageable size that can fit inside a large garbage bag. Keep in mind that these pools are usually made from vinyl, PVC, or plastic which can contain toxins and leach into the environment; so always make sure to dispose of them correctly!

5. Dispose of the Bag

After the summer season comes to a close, it’s time for everyone to get ready to say goodbye to their inflatable pools. Disposing of an inflatable pool may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! The best way to safely and properly dispose of your pool is to take it down and bring the whole bag (including any remaining water) to your local sanitation facility or trash collection center. 

Make sure you follow any applicable laws and regulations, as well as ensure that the pool is completely deflated before disposal. Doing so is the best way to ensure that all potentially harmful materials are disposed of in the most responsible manner possible.

6. Make Sure to Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

Disposing of an inflatable pool can be a difficult task as they are quite large and bulky. The most important thing to keep in mind when disposing of the pool is to make sure that it is properly bagged before taking it out. Once you’ve managed to seal the bag shut, you need to ensure that it’s disposed of properly by your local regulations. 

After you’ve finished the disposal process, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, as this will help prevent any germs or bacteria from spreading. Taking these steps will help keep you, your family, and the environment safe from any contaminants that may be associated with the pool.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Following these steps will help guarantee that your inflatable pool is disposed of properly and won’t end up in a landfill. So make sure to take the time to do it right – your planet will thank you! 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to get rid of your inflatable pool, consider recycling it instead. Many facilities and organizations accept used inflatable pools for recycling, so check to see if there is one near you. This way, your pool can be repurposed and given a second life instead of taking up space in the landfill! 

Tips to Dispose of an Inflatable Pool

  1. Deflate the pool. The first step in disposing of an inflatable pool is to deflate it. This can be done by simply letting the air out of the pool or by using a pump to remove the air.
  2. Fold the pool. Once the pool is deflated, it can then be folded up for easy storage.
  3. Find a local recycling center. One option for disposing of an inflatable pool is to take it to a local recycling center. Many centers will accept plastic products, including inflatable pools.
  4. Donate to the pool. Another option for disposing of an inflatable pool is to donate it to a local school or daycare center. Many organizations are always in need of new toys and games for children.
  5. Sell the pool. If you no longer want the inflatable pool but do not want to throw it away, you could try selling it online or at a garage sale.
  6. Give it away. If you do not want the inflatable pool and cannot find anyone who does, you could always give it away for free online or through a classified ad.
New Toys and Games for Children

Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Your Inflatable Pool 

Getting rid of an inflatable pool doesn’t have to mean sending it off to the landfill. There are a variety of eco-friendly ways to responsibly dispose of it. One way is to donate your pool; secondhand stores, community centers, and even schools may be willing to take it for use in their swimming pools. 

You can also see if any of your friends or family would like to buy or re-home the inflatable pool – after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Alternatively, you could simply reuse the material the pool is made from around the house – an old tarp or shower curtain can be great for protecting garden furniture! 

Finally, make sure you check with your local WasteCare facility regarding what methods they recommend where possible. By following these tips you can ensure that your old inflatable swimming pool will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Properly Bag, Store, and Dispose Of An Inflatable Pool?

Inflatable pools are becoming increasingly popular for backyard summer fun. While they can be conveniently purchased and taken down in a short amount of time, there are still some important pieces to the puzzle that need to be followed to best protect your pool and properly store it away after use. To ensure your pool is completely dry before packing it away, make sure to leave it uncovered in the sun for a day or two so any residual water evaporates. 

From there, fold the sides together securely without creasing or damaging the material before storing it in its carrying bag or storage bin. Once packed, keep your inflatable pool stored away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures otherwise it may become damaged over time. 

Finally, when the season ends and you no longer want your inflatable pool – dispose of it properly either by donating it or disposing of it with regular household waste if appropriate. Keeping these tips in mind will not only help extend the life of your pool but give you peace of mind knowing you maintained proper care instructions for optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

How To Recycle Or Donate Your Old Inflatable Pool? 

Donating or recycling your old inflatable pool is as important as cleaning and packing it away once summer ends. It’s an easy process that can be broken down into four simple steps. First, make sure all of the water has been emptied of the pool and dry it completely. 

Second, carefully inspect the sides and seams for any holes or tears that may need mending before the pool can be donated or recycled. Next, find a local organization that will accept your donation and contacts them to arrange a pickup.

Inspect the Sides and Seams

Finally, if you don’t have access to a donation center close by, look for facilities that accept roll-off dumpsters for large-scale recycling projects. Both donating and recycling your inflatable pool play an important role in keeping our environment clean and safe.


With the summer season rapidly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how you will dispose of your used inflatable pool. You should carefully determine how to dispose of an inflatable pool. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps you can follow to ensure that your pool is disposed of properly. 

Make sure to deflate the pool and then cut it into small pieces so that it can fit into a garbage bag. Take the pieces of the pool to your local landfill or recycling center. Finally, celebrate the fact that you no longer have an unused inflatable pool taking up space in your backyard!

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