How to Fill Up a Pool Fast

Swimming pools are often a source of entertainment and relaxation, but before you can dive into the pool for a refreshing swim there’s one important task that needs to be done: filling it up with water. Depending on how large your pool is, this could take many hours or even days – longer if you’re using municipal tap water instead of well water from sources on your property.

How to Fill Up a Pool Fast

But with the help of some special equipment, knowledge about proper techniques, and patience – you can learn how to fill up a pool fast so that everyone in the family can start getting maximum enjoyment out of it right away! Keep reading as we provide easy steps and tips for rapidly filling up any pool size in next to no time!

9 Best Ways on How to Fill Up a Pool Fast

1. Purchase a Submersible Pump :

The most important tool to have on hand when attempting to quickly fill up any size pool is a high-quality submersible pump. This type of pump can easily move large volumes of water from one place to another, making it ideal for rapidly filling up your pool.

Be sure to purchase one that’s specifically designed for this task, as these pumps are heavy-duty and have the power necessary to move water quickly.

2. Use a Garden Hose :

Using a garden hose connected to your home’s spigot is another great way to fill up a pool fast. Just make sure it’s long enough so that it can reach the pool without having to be extended. It’s also recommended to use a high-quality hose as they’re more durable and less prone to kinking or breaking over time.

Use a Garden Hose

3. Utilize Gravity :

If you have access to higher ground, then using gravity is an effective way of quickly filling up a pool. Place one end of the hose up high, and then lower the other end to the pool below. Gravity will do all the work for you as it pulls water from the higher ground into your swimming pool!

4. Use a Water Truck :

If you’re looking for an even faster way to fill up a pool, then using a specialized water truck could be the solution. These trucks can carry thousands of gallons of water, making them capable of filling up any size pool in no time at all. Water truck services are usually available to hire in most areas, so be sure to check the local listings for more information.

5. Borrow or Rent a Fire Pump :

Fire pumps are highly efficient when it comes to moving large amounts of water from one place to another. Most fire departments will have one that they can lend or rent out for you to use. This is an especially great option if you don’t want to invest in a permanent water source like a submersible pump.

Fire Pumps Are Highly Efficient

6. Install a Pool Water Delivery Service :

For those of you who live in more rural areas, there are companies that specialize in delivering water directly to your pool. This is an especially convenient option as you won’t have to worry about lugging large buckets of water all the way from a spigot or higher ground.

7. Use a Self-Priming Pump :

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to prime your pump before each use, then you may want to consider investing in a self-priming pump. This type of pump is designed to draw water into itself before beginning the suction process, making it ideal for quickly filling up a pool without any extra effort.

8. Use Multiple Hoses at Once: 

If you have more than one hose, consider connecting them all to your pool and running them simultaneously. This will obviously double or triple the amount of water flowing into your pool in the same time period. Just make sure that none of the hoses are leaking or spraying water outside the pool.

9. Use a Swimming Pool Cover: 

Once your pool is filled up and ready to be used, make sure that you cover it with a swimming pool cover when not in use. This will help reduce evaporation and keep debris out of the water, which will save you time and energy in the long run.

By following these steps, you can fill up your pool quickly and efficiently so that everyone in the family can start enjoying it right away! Just remember to be patient, use the correct equipment and settings, and double-check for leaks whenever possible. Good luck!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Fill Up a Pool Fast

1. Disable the skimmer. This will prevent splash out when you are filling up your pool and help water to stay inside the pool.

2. Add a garden hose for an extra boost of water flow. Attaching another garden hose to the inflow hose can help double or triple your water flow, allowing your pool to fill faster.

3. Utilize a filter pump. If available, turn on your pool’s filter pump to help draw the water up and into the skimmer lines faster.

4. Add a booster pump. This can be used in tandem with the filter pump to increase water flow even more significantly than simply using a garden hose alone.

5. Fill up the shallow end first. Filling in the shallow end of your pool can help to increase water pressure and speed up filling time for the entire pool.

6. Turn off automatic fillers when the water level reaches halfway between the skimmer and the top of the pool wall. This will prevent overfills and splashing out of the pool.

Using these additional tips and tricks to fill up your pool fast can save you time, energy, and money in the long run. With the right strategies in place, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming in your backyard oasis sooner than ever before!

Utilize a Filter Pump

Things You Should Consider to Fill Up a Pool Fast

1. Determine the size of your pool and the number of gallons it needs to be filled up in order to ensure that you have enough water for swimming.

2. Consider using a water hose with a higher flow rate than the standard garden hose, as this will increase the speed at which your pool fills up.

3. Utilize a pressure washer to fill up your pool faster, as this will reduce the amount of time it takes for the water to reach its desired level.

4. Connect several hoses together if you have access to multiple water sources, as this can significantly increase the speed at which your pool fills up.

5. Utilize a submersible pump to fill up your pool faster, as this will allow you to draw water from a deeper source.

6. Consider using a pool cover during the filling process, as this will help reduce evaporation and keep the water warm for longer periods of time.

7. Utilize a hose splitter if you want to connect multiple hoses to your water source, as this will allow you to fill up your pool faster.

8. Use a booster pump if you need to fill up the pool with different types of water sources, as this will help increase the pressure of the water entering into the pool.

With the considerations above, you should be able to fill up your pool quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that the right equipment can make a huge difference when it comes to filling up your pool fast, so it is important to do research and invest in the necessary tools before beginning your project.

Finally, always remember to use safe practices when working with water sources and electrical equipment to ensure that your project is completed safely and successfully.

Use a Booster Pump

Precautions Need to Follow for Filling Up a Pool Fast

  1. Check the pool liner for damage and make sure it is in good condition before filling up the pool to prevent leaks from occurring.
  2. Make sure that the water inlet valve is open so that the pool can fill up quickly.
  3. Ensure that all skimmer baskets are cleared and free of debris so that the water can flow freely.
  4. Use a hose to fill up the pool and check periodically for any blockages or kinks in the hose which could slow down the water flow rate.
  5. Monitor the water level regularly while filling up the pool, as it is important not to overfill it.
  6. If the pool is being filled up from a water source other than municipal tap water, it might be necessary to test or treat the water before filling up the pool.
  7. It is also important to check for any safety hazards such as electrical lines that could be affected by the pool’s increased water level.
  8. Make sure to turn off the water supply once the desired pool level is reached. If the pool is filled up too much, it might be necessary to drain a portion of the water before continuing to swim or use any other pool activities.

Following these precautions will help ensure that the pool is filled up quickly and safely. Filling up the pool can be an exciting start to summer, but it is important to take these necessary steps for a successful and safe experience.


Hopefully, you understand how to fill up a pool fast now. Remember, the best method for filling up your pool quickly is by using a garden hose with a booster pump and timer. Make sure to use enough hoses of adequate size for the job and keep an eye on the water level in order to prevent overflowing. Above all else, be careful when handling electricity around water. Good luck!

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