How to Secure Patio Furniture From Theft

How to Secure Patio Furniture From Theft

It can be unsettling to think about, but thefts from outdoor patios is a reality for many homeowners who enjoy relaxing in the outdoors.

Whether you live in an urban area where the patio furniture is considered a valuable commodity or you’re unlucky enough to find yourself the victim of random vandalism, knowing how to secure your patio furnishings and other objects should be one of your top priorities. 

With all that goes into designing and decorating an outdoor space – not to mention the potential expense – it would be heartbreaking if thieves managed to take away these items without any protection.

Fortunately, solutions available today allow you to protect against theft while still making your patio look inviting and attractive. In this post, we’ll cover some tips on how to secure patio furniture from theft!

What Will You Need?

First and foremost, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of how thieves operate so that you can put effective measures in place to deter them. You should also consider the cost-benefit analysis of any security measure you deploy, as well as the purpose it serves and how it might integrate with other security elements already in place around your home.

Such as:

  1. Outdoor Lighting
  2. Anchoring Devices/Locking Systems
  3. Security Cameras
  4. Motion Sensors/Alarms
  5. Landscaping

Once you’ve determined how you want to secure your patio furniture and objects, you can begin to implement these measures.

10 Easy Steps on How to Secure Patio Furniture From Theft

Step 1. Utilize Outdoor Lighting:

Installing Motion-activated Floodlights

Installing motion-activated floodlights or spotlights can be highly effective in deterring thieves who are looking for an easy target. It will also provide additional security benefits such as improved visibility and less inviting shadows. You can also install timer-operated lights that come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Step 2. Use an Anchoring Device or Locking System:

Secure your furniture to the ground or deck using an anchoring device such as a heavy duty padlock looped through the legs of chairs and tables, or secure it to posts with a locking system. Be careful to lock any furniture that is not securely attached to the ground. Otherwise, thieves can easily pick up the furniture and carry it away.

Step 3. Install Security Cameras:

If you live in an area where patio thefts are common, consider installing security cameras that can activate when movement is detected. This will give you an extra layer of protection and allow you to monitor your property more closely. Moreover, the presence of security cameras alone can be a good deterrent against theft.

Step 4. Install Motion Sensors and Alarms:

Motion sensors and alarms can alert you if someone tries to break into your patio furniture or objects. Look for systems that have multiple layers of detection for added security benefits. Use a combination of motion sensors and alarms to both deter potential thieves and alert you when there is unusual activity.

Step 5. Utilize Landscaping:

Tall shrubs and trees planted around the perimeter of your patio can make it difficult for thieves to access or even see your furniture from a distance. Ensure that any trees and shrubs are regularly trimmed to keep them at a manageable height.

Don’t forget to keep your landscaping well-maintained, as an overgrown yard can signify neglect and make your home more attractive to burglars.

Step 6. Use Covers:

Make sure you cover all patio furniture when not in use, especially if it’s made from metal or plastic. If possible, take tables and chairs inside overnight or during periods when they won’t be used for longer than a few days. This will help to reduce their visibility and make them less appealing targets for thieves.

Appealing Targets for Thieves

Step 7. Consider Investing in Weatherproof Materials:

Choose weatherproof materials such as teak, vinyl, and steel when purchasing outdoor furniture, as these are much harder to break into than wicker and wood. Consider purchasing UV-treated items or a protective coating to protect them from the elements further.

Step 8. Secure Other Objects:

Don’t forget about other outdoor items, such as potted plants, cushions, and accessories that thieves could easily take away. Keep these items locked up in sheds or garages overnight and ensure they are securely attached to furniture when not used. If possible, keep valuable items such as grills and umbrellas inside when not in use.

Step 9. Utilize Technology:

You can also use technology such as GPS tracking devices or Bluetooth locking systems to keep your patio furniture and other items safe. These devices allow you to track the location of your items in real time, so you can be alerted if they are moved without permission. You can also set up alerts to receive notifications whenever your items are moved or tampered with.

Step 10. Know Your Neighbors:

Finally, get to know your neighbors and let them know how important it is that they look out for any suspicious activity on your property. Make sure everyone in the community knows how important it is to report any issues or concerns relating to patio theft right away.

security within the neighborhood

This will help create a sense of safety and security within the neighborhood which can help protect everyone’s outdoor belongings.

By following these steps, you can help protect your patio furniture from theft and ensure it remains safe. Investing in security cameras, motion sensors, alarm systems, and other technologies can bring you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are secure. 

Also, stay aware of your surroundings and ensure your neighbors are also taking steps to prevent patio theft. With a little bit of extra effort, you can enjoy your outdoor space without worry.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Invest in a Locking Device. A simple padlock can go a long way in preventing theft from your patio furniture. Consider using a combination lock or keypad lock for added security and convenience.
  2. Place Furniture Away From Doors and Windows. If possible, try to place your patio furniture away from doors and windows, making it more difficult for thieves to access it without being noticed.
  3. Keep Valuables Out of Sight When Not in Use. Don’t leave valuable items like phone chargers, laptops, or books on your patio furniture when you’re not using them. This will reduce the likelihood of those items being stolen.
  4. Invest Good Quality Furniture. Spend a bit more money on higher-quality furniture that is less attractive to thieves. Consider purchasing patio sets with built-in locks or security features as well.
  5. Keep Your Patio Area Well-lit. Good lighting will make it more difficult for thieves to sneak in and take your furniture without being noticed. Consider adding motion sensors, too, for added security.

Following these tips can help ensure that your patio furniture is secure from potential theft. Investing in the right equipment and taking steps to increase visibility may save you from having to replace stolen items in the future. Remember these tips when shopping for or setting up your outdoor furniture.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t leave furniture unattended. It is best to keep an eye on your patio furniture, especially when you are away from home. Don’t leave it out in the open, where it can be easily visible and accessible to thieves.
  2. Make sure all items are locked up when not in use. Use a lockable tarp or cover to keep items secure while they are not in use.
  3. Avoid leaving expensive furniture and accessories out on the patio. If you have any expensive pieces, it is best to store them indoors when not in use.
  4. Secure patio furniture with chains or cables attached to a large anchor that is hidden underground or inside a building if possible. This will ensure that thieves can’t just pick up your furniture and walk away with it.
  5. Place a motion-sensor light near your patio furniture so that anyone attempting to approach it will be detected at night. Additionally, ensure all doors and windows near the patio are locked at all times for extra security measures.

These are a few tips to help you secure your patio furniture from theft. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your outdoor space is safe and secure all year round.

Use a Lockable Tarp


Securing your patio furniture from theft can be easily done by following these simple steps we covered in this blog post on how to secure patio furniture from theft. Invest in a quality security system to keep track of any movement and alert you if anything is out of the ordinary.

Consider adding additional lighting and even planting thorny shrubs to make stealing unattractive.

Furthermore, consider marking items with your contact information so they can be returned if stolen and recovered. Finally, talking to neighbors—especially those who may have gone through a similar experience—could be beneficial as they may offer advice on what has worked for them in the past.

Your patio furniture is an investment for your home, so take the necessary precautions to keep it safe from harm or theft!

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