How to Shade a Pool

Summertime is here and it’s time to cool off. While swimming pools can provide lots of fun in the summer sun, they also require a good amount of care if you want to keep them functioning properly so your family can safely enjoy them all season long.

One important step towards maintaining a safe pool area is getting the right amount of shade. Keeping the sun’s glare out of your pool will help maximize its usability and add plenty of comfort for those splashing around inside.

How to Shade a Pool

In this post on how to shade a pool, we’ll discuss what kind of shade structures work best for pools, how to choose an appropriate option among many shades, and even tips on do-it-yourself shading projects that won’t break your bank or take up too much time! So whether you’re planning ahead before installing a new pool or trying to upgrade the existing setup with some extra protection from UV rays—read on for expert advice every step along the way!

Why Do You Need to Shade a Pool?

Aside from providing a comfortable atmosphere for your pool-goers, there are several practical reasons why it’s important to shade your pool area. Sunlight can be damaging to pool surfaces and can even lead to algal blooms in the water that could create unsafe swimming conditions.

Additionally, UV rays reflecting off the water’s surface can make it difficult for swimmers to see underwater, which could result in serious injury. Additionally, shading your pool will help to keep the water temperature at a more comfortable level and also reduce evaporation from the pool’s surface.

Uv Rays Reflecting Off the Water's Surface

11 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Shade a Pool

Step 1: Choose the Right Type of Shade Structure

The type of shade structure you select will depend largely on your space and needs. Some popular options include umbrellas, gazebos, and pergolas. If you’re looking for something more permanent, awnings and cabanas are also great options.

Otherwise, you could even build your own. This will take some time and effort but can be a great way to customize your pool area. If you’re not sure which type of shade structure is right for you, consult with a professional to get their advice.

Step 2: Measure the Space

Once you’ve chosen the type of shade structure you’d like to use, it’s time to measure the pool area. Take into account not only the size of the pool itself but also any surrounding furniture or landscaping that you’d like to keep shaded.

But don’t forget about the size of your shade structure, as an overly large umbrella or gazebo can quickly take over a space. If in doubt, it’s better to go slightly smaller than you’d initially planned.

Step 3: Check the Shade Coverage

When selecting a shade structure, make sure it will provide enough coverage for your needs. Consider not only the amount of shade it will produce but also how much sun will still be able to get through in order to determine if the shade structure is right for you.

But don’t worry—some shade structures even provide up to 100% sun protection! It all depends on the type of structure and its features. This is why consulting with a professional can be so helpful.

Selecting a Shade Structure

Step 4: Choose Materials Carefully

The materials used in your shade structure should match both budget and aesthetic preferences. If you’re building your own, opt for durable materials; otherwise, pay attention to warranties and guarantees offered by manufacturers that can help ensure a long-lasting product.

If you’re buying a pre-made shade structure, try to get an idea of how much maintenance it will require in order to keep it looking its best. Either way, you’ll want to make sure the materials are durable and able to withstand the weather conditions in your area.

Step 5: Consider Wind Resistance

Be sure to take into account the wind resistance of your shade structure. Depending on where you live, this could be an important factor in choosing the right option for you. You don’t want it to blow away all your hard work! If you’re looking into purchasing a pre-made shade structure, it’s best to check with the manufacturer for information on wind resistance ratings.

But if you’re building your own, be sure to ask a professional for advice. Otherwise, you could end up with a shade structure that doesn’t stand the test of time.

Step 6: Check Local Building Regulations

Before getting started with any installation or construction, make sure to check with local building regulations for any special requirements. This way, you can avoid costly mistakes down the line. If you’re having a professional install the shade structure, they should be able to help guide you through this process.

But if you’re doing it yourself, take some time to research the necessary steps and make sure to get any permits or approvals before getting started.

Step 7: Install Properly

When it comes time to install your shade structure, make sure that it is installed properly and securely according to manufacturer instructions. Improper installation could lead to damage or injury. Otherwise, when the installation is complete, you can enjoy your new poolside oasis! If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, a professional can help guide you through the process. Other than that, just sit back and relax in the shade of your new poolside paradise.

Step 8: Maintain the Shade Structure

Be sure to regularly inspect and maintain your shade structure according to manufacturer instructions. This may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, or checking for loose connections. If you don’t maintain the structure, it could be dangerous and lead to damage or injury.

Regular maintenance will also help to extend the life of your shade structure and keep it looking its best. Although it can be a bit of work, the rewards are worth it. You can also enjoy your poolside oasis for many years to come.

Step 9: Add Accessories

You can add an extra flair to your shade structure with accessories such as curtains, plants, string lights, etc. Just make sure that these additions are properly secured so they don’t become a safety hazard. But other than that, have fun with it! There are so many ways to customize your shade structure and make it truly unique.

This is your chance to show off your style and make it a special spot for friends and family to gather. It’s your own personal paradise!

Add an Extra Flair to Your Shade Structure

Step 10: Install Sun Protection Devices

If you want extra protection from UV rays while in the pool area, consider installing sun protection devices such as sunscreen-dispensing machines or automatic covers that will help you stay safe without having to leave the pool! But be sure to research the best option for your shade structure before making a purchase. It’s also important to note that these devices won’t be able to fully protect you from the sun, so you should still use common sense when it comes to sun safety.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Pool!

Now that your pool is shaded, you can start enjoying it without worrying about the sun’s harmful rays. Enjoy swimming, relaxing and entertaining in your stylishly shaded pool area! Always remember to stay safe and use common sense when it comes to sun protection. But other than that, have a great time! This is your space to make memories and enjoy time with friends and family.

The right shade structure is essential for protecting swimmers from UV rays when they’re in the pool. With these 11 step-by-step guidelines on how to shade a pool, you’re sure to find the perfect option that will provide both style and safety for years to come. Enjoy swimming with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be safe while still having fun in the sun!

Do You Need to Use Professionals?

Installing or building shade structures can be a major undertaking. If you don’t feel comfortable DIY-ing it, consider enlisting the help of professionals to get the job done right. They will have the experience and know-how necessary to ensure proper setup, as well as give helpful advice on what type of structure might work best for your pool area.

No matter which routes you choose, shading your pool is an important step in protecting swimmers from dangerous UV rays without compromising style or fun.

Installing or Building Shade Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Shade Should a Structure Provide?

A: The amount of coverage you need will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider the size of the pool and how much sun you want to be able to re-

Q: What Material is Best for Shade Structures?

A: Materials such as wood, metal, or canvas all make great options for shade structures. It’s best to weigh your budget, personal preferences, and climate before making a decision.

Q: Are Shade Structures Expensive?

A: The cost will depend on the size and type of structure you choose. Simple coverings such as a canvas canopy can be quite affordable, while more complex installations such as pergolas or pavilions may require a larger investment.  Ultimately, it’s best to weigh your budget and personal preferences before making a decision.

Q: How Should I Maintain My Shade Structure?

A: Make sure to regularly inspect and maintain your shade structure according to manufacturer instructions. This may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, or checking for loose connections. Additionally, you should make sure any accessories that are added to the structure are properly secured so they don’t become a safety hazard.

Maintain Your Shade Structure


Thanks for reading this article on how to shade a pool. As you can see, shading your pool is a great way to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. There are many different options for every budget and style preference that will bring your outdoor space to the next level. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive overhang or an extravagant outdoor kitchen with an attached pergola, you have plenty of choices when it comes to shading your pool.

No matter which option you choose, adding shade to your pool area significantly increases its functionality and enhances its aesthetic appeal. For a long-lasting solution that will help make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood, invest in a quality shade structure today!

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