How to Store Patio Furniture in Garage

How to Store Patio Furniture in Garage

Are you trying to figure out how to store patio furniture in your garage? It can be a challenge, but there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your space.

Storing patio furniture can be tricky, especially if you have limited space in your home or garage. If you don’t know the right way to store it optimally, the pieces of furniture could become damaged from any weather exposure or take up too much room and end up cluttering your storage area.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss techniques for how to store patio furniture in garage that will help you maintain its looks and make sure it takes up minimal space so that you can enjoy having outdoor pieces without the worry of seasonal damage!

What Will You Need?

Before you can begin storing your patio furniture, you must ensure that you have all the necessary items. Here’s a short list of what you should gather:

  • Plastic covers or tarps
  • Weatherproof furniture wrap
  • Bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Furniture ties
  • Storage bags or boxes
  • Heavy-duty shelving (optional)
  • Furniture sliders/casters (optional)

Once you have these items in hand, you are ready to go!

10 Easy Steps on How to Store Patio Furniture in Garage

Step 1: Wipe Down and Clean the Pieces

The first step is to ensure that all patio furniture surfaces are clean and free from dirt, dust, or grime.

Furniture Surfaces Are Clean

You can use a damp cloth with mild detergent to wipe them down, then let the pieces dry completely before moving on to the next step. Be careful not to use anything too abrasive, as it can damage the furniture.

Step 2: Wrap Pieces in Weatherproof Covers

Once your furniture is clean and dry, you can wrap it with weatherproof covers. Make sure that you tuck in the edges of the cover to keep it secure. If possible, it’s best to use plastic covers as they are waterproof and provide an extra layer of protection from any dampness or humidity during storage.

Step 3: Place Furniture on Sliders/Casters

If your patio furniture is fitted with sliders or casters, you should place them on these before moving them into storage. This will help protect the flooring of your garage and make it easier to move the pieces around when needed. Be careful not to overload the furniture, as it could be a safety hazard.

Step 4: Arrange Furniture on Shelves or Racks

If you have shelves or racks in your garage, you should arrange your patio furniture pieces on these whenever possible. This will help keep them out of the way and ensure they are not taking up too much space. It also helps to protect them from any moisture that may build up in the air during storage.

Step 5: Cover Pieces with Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap

If you don’t have shelves or racks available, then you can opt for packing paper or bubble wrap to cover each piece of patio furniture before storing it away. This will add extra protection against scratches, dents, or other damage that could occur during storage. You can also use furniture ties to secure the paper or bubble wrap for extra security.

Step 6: Secure Covers with Furniture Ties

To ensure that your covers are secure, you should use furniture ties to keep them in place. These will help prevent any drafts from getting inside the covers and causing damage to the furniture pieces while they are in storage. If possible, use heavy-duty ties for added security.

Step 7: Place Furniture in Storage Bags or Boxes

If you have storage bags or boxes, you should place your patio furniture pieces in them before storing them away. This will help keep the pieces protected and secure and ensure that any smaller parts don’t get lost during storage. Be sure to label the bags or boxes so that you know what is inside each one.

Have a Storage Bags

Step 8: Store Furniture Away from Direct Sunlight

Whenever possible, store your patio furniture pieces away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. This will help prevent fading and other damage that could occur due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. If you can’t find a space indoors for storage, then use shades or curtains on windows to block out any sunlight coming into the garage.

Step 9. Keep the Area Clean and Dry

It’s important to keep the area where you store your patio furniture pieces clean and dry at all times. Ensure any spills or dirt is wiped up quickly, which can lead to damage over time. Also, check for dampness in the air regularly and use dehumidifiers if necessary.

Step 10: Check Furniture Periodically

Finally, checking on your patio furniture pieces periodically during storage is a good idea. This will help ensure that they are staying dry and clean and that any covers or packing paper has stayed secure over time. Doing these checks every few months should be enough to keep them in top condition.

Storing your patio furniture in the garage can help keep it safe and secure while also protecting it from any weather damage. Remember to follow these tips when storing your pieces so they will be ready to use again whenever you need them. With some care and preparation, you can ensure that your patio furniture stays in top condition for years to come.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure to measure your patio furniture before you start storing it in the garage. This way, you’ll know how much space you need and how to arrange everything properly.
  2. Place heavier items on the bottom of any piles, creating a more stable base for the stack.
  3. If possible, choose outdoor furniture made from moisture-resistant materials to withstand humid conditions better if stored in the garage for long periods.
  4. To protect your patio furniture from dirt or dust accumulation, wrap it with an old sheet or tarp.
  5. Consider using storage containers to organize and store smaller items such as cushions, pillows, and covers when not in use – this will protect them from dirt and mold. Additionally, use labeled boxes or bins to make retrieving items you need later easier.

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your patio furniture is stored safely in the garage. With proper care and maintenance, your outdoor furniture will last longer and look great!

Use A Labeled Boxes

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t store patio furniture in the garage without a cover. If not properly covered, outdoor furniture can be damaged by dirt, dust, and other debris.
  2. Don’t stack pieces of patio furniture on top of each other when storing them in the garage. This can cause scratches or damage to the items and make it difficult to take them out later.
  3. Don’t leave cushions on metal frames while storing them in the garage; they will corrode over time due to humidity and contact with moisture.
  4. Don’t use plastic tarps or sheets as covers for your furniture; they are not waterproof and do not protect against water damage or mold growth that could occur during storage.
  5. Don’t use the garage as a storage space for furniture that you’re not planning to use in the near future. Store pieces that will likely be used soon on another location, such as a patio or balcony.

These tips will help you store your patio furniture in the garage without causing any damage or creating a cluttered space.

Can Patio Furniture Be Left Outside?

Yes, patio furniture can be left outside – however, it is important to take certain precautions when doing so. If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds or heavy rain, storing your patio furniture in the garage or another covered area after use is best.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that any covers used are waterproof and designed for outdoor use. Finally, if you plan on leaving your patio furniture out during winter months, make sure that the pieces are made from materials that can withstand cold temperatures. These measures will help ensure that your patio furniture lasts longer.

Covers Used Are Waterproof


Now that your garage is ready, it’s time to enjoy summer’s bounty. Keep in mind that seasonal items like patio furniture need extra care and attention when it comes to storing them in the off-season.

Taking time before winter to ensure your items are secure will lead to a more pleasant spring when you can get right back into the swing of enjoying your patio furniture! Don’t forget the value of implementing preventative measures such as covers and storing items off the ground on racks.

Doing these simple steps can make all the difference in keeping your patio furniture safe for years to come! So, gather up some friends and family, fire up the grill, and relax your worries with food, fun, and good company as you enjoy a beautiful day outdoors surrounded by all available comfort from peaceful patio furniture.

Hopefully, the article on how to store patio furniture in garage was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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