How to Stop Squirrels From Chewing Lights

Do you have an outdoor light fixture that’s being pestered by squirrels? You might be asking yourself, ‘how can I stop squirrels from chewing my outdoor lights?’ Fortunately, there are ways you can deter them and keep them away.

How to Stop Squirrels From Chewing Lights

In this blog post, we cover the basics of how to prevent pesky rodents from gnawing on your lighting fixtures. From understanding why they do it in the first place to providing tips for keeping them out of harm’s way — we will help you solve this problem with ease! Keep reading to learn more about how to stop squirrels from chewing lights once and for all!

If you’re a homeowner who has noticed squirrels chewing on the electrical wiring in your yard, it can be quite disconcerting. Left unaddressed, this problem can lead to costly repairs and even cause fires if wires are chewed through.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can take preventative measures to deter squirrels from damaging or chewing on your outdoor lights and other items. Here we’ll discuss the different tactics and strategies that you can use to stop squirrels from gnawing away at these valuable components of your home landscape.

Why Do Squirrels Chew on Lights?

There are many reasons why squirrels might be tempted to chew on your lights. Such as:

1. Squirrels May Be Attracted to the Warmth of Light

One of the most common reasons why squirrels may be attracted to your outdoor lights is the heat they generate. Outdoor lights, especially those that are left on for long periods of time, can produce a considerable amount of warmth which can attract curious and potentially hungry squirrels.

2. Squirrels May Be Attempting to Create Nesting Material

Squirrels are known to use a variety of materials when creating their nests and can sometimes view your outdoor lighting as an ideal material. The wiring, insulation, and even the plastic components found in many lights can be used by squirrels to build shelter from the elements.

3. Squirrels May Be Seeking Shelter or Food

In some cases, squirrels may view your outdoor lighting as a potential source for shelter or food. The warmth of the light can make it an attractive area to find respite from the elements and any bugs that may be attracted to it could provide the squirrels with a snack.

12 Ideas On How to Stop Squirrels From Chewing Lights

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep squirrels away from your lights and prevent them from chewing on them. Some of these steps include:

1. Moving Lights Away From Trees

To Move Them Away From Trees

One of the most effective ways to stop squirrels from chewing on your lights is to move them away from trees and other climbing areas. If possible, try to position your lights in an area that allows only limited access for climbing animals.

2. Open Spaces

Keep your lights away from open spaces where squirrels can easily approach them such as balconies, patios and decks. Close the area off with a fence or other barrier to reduce their access and make it difficult for them to climb up and chew on your lights.

3. Light Covers

Invest in light covers that are specifically designed to prevent squirrels from chewing on your lights. These covers usually have small holes and flaps that prevent animals from getting a good grip on the fixture and also keep them away from the wiring.

4. Repellents

There are numerous commercial repellents available that are designed to repel animals such as squirrels. These repellents typically contain ingredients that create an unpleasant taste or odor that animals do not like, forcing them to stay away from your lights.

5. Trimming Trees

Trim the trees around your home so that they are far enough away from your lights. Squirrels use tree branches as a means of getting to your fixtures, so it is important to keep them away from potential climbing spaces.

6. Wire Guards

Install Wire Guard on the Wires

Install wire guards on the wires leading up to your lights in order to prevent squirrels from chewing through them and getting access to the wiring. This can also help protect you and your family from electrocution in case of a short circuit.

7. Sound Deterrents

Motion activated sound deterrents can be used to scare away squirrels that are trying to get to your lights. These devices usually produce a loud noise when they detect motion, which will startle the animal and make them run away from your lights.

8. Traps

If all else fails, you can try to set up traps near your lights in order to catch the squirrels that are trying to chew on them. Make sure to check local laws before setting any traps as some areas may have restrictions on trapping animals.

9. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another effective way of keeping squirrels away from your lights and other fixtures. The spray will irritate their eyes and nose, forcing them to stay away from the area.

10. Grease

Applying a layer of grease around your lights can also be effective in keeping squirrels away. The slippery surface will make it difficult for animals to get a good grip on the fixture and make it much harder for them to chew on it.

11. Lights Off

Turning off your lights at night can also help keep squirrels away from them. Since the animals are most active during the day, keeping your lights off will make it much less likely for them to approach and chew on your fixtures.

Turning Off Your Lights

12. Pruning

Pruning trees and other plants around your lights can help keep squirrels away from them. This will reduce the amount of cover in the area and make it harder for animals to get to your fixtures without being seen.

By following these steps, you should be able to stop squirrels from chewing on your lights and protect both your property and their safety.

If you have any questions, contact a professional wildlife control company for assistance. They can provide advice on how to best protect your lights from squirrels as well as other animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take to Keep Squirrels From Chewing Lights?

The most effective way to prevent squirrels from chewing on lights is to put a physical barrier in place.

This can be something like chicken wire, or a netting with small enough holes that the squirrels cannot fit through. Additionally, you should also inspect your outdoor lighting regularly and repair any broken or damaged parts that could be enticing to squirrels.

Finally, try to limit the amount of food sources near your lights as this can encourage squirrels to come close and look for a snack.

What Should I Do If Squirrels Have Already Begun Chewing My Lights?

If you have noticed that squirrels have already started to chew on your lights, the best thing to do is remove the light and replace it with a squirrel proof version. Alternatively, you may be able to repair the existing light by covering any exposed wires or pipes with strong tape that they cannot easily chew through.

Additionally, taking the preventative steps outlined above should also help deter the squirrels from coming back.

Are There Non-Lethal Ways to Keep Squirrels Away From Lights?

Yes, there are a few non-lethal methods for keeping squirrels away from your lights. You can set up motion activated sprinklers or ultrasonic devices in the area of your lights, as this will startle and deter the squirrels from coming close. 

Can Set Up Motion Activated Sprinklers

Another option is to apply a strong smelling substance like pepper spray or ammonia around the lights, as this can also help keep them away. Finally, you can also limit any food sources near your lights as squirrels will always be looking for something to eat.

Do Squirrels Chew Lights Because They Need More Salt?

No, squirrels do not chew on lights because they need more salt. While it is true that squirrels require a certain amount of sodium in their diet, this can easily be obtained from other sources like nuts and seeds.

Chewing on lights is likely due to the fact that they are made up of a variety of materials and wires, and squirrels may simply be attracted to them due to their curiosity.


Now you know many ways about how to stop squirrels from chewing lights. By following the tips outlined above, you should be able to keep your lights safe from any squirrel damage.

Remember to always inspect your lights regularly and take necessary precautions such as using a physical barrier or applying a strong smelling substance around them. If all else fails, contact a professional wildlife control company for help in resolving your issue.

Overall, preventing squirrels from chewing on outdoor lights can be a tricky endeavor; however, by taking the proper steps and being proactive, it is possible to dissuade these furry creatures.

Try both repellants to keep them away for good and secure wiring methods to make sure that the electrical connections are secure. With these steps in mind, you can have your outdoor lights safeguarded against pesky critters!

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