How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

If you’ve got a leaf blower taking up precious floor space in your garage, it’s time to hang it up and get back that much-needed room. Luckily for you, hanging a leaf blower is an easy task that doesn’t take much time or money. You can have your leaf blower off the floor in just a few minutes and out of the way. So let’s look at how to hang leaf blower in garage.

How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

Can You Hang the Leaf Blower in the Garage?

Hanging a leaf blower in the garage is a great way to keep it organized and out of the way, but there are a few things to keep in mind before doing this. First, ensure that you can securely hang the device on something sturdy; not all ceiling mounts will be designed for that kind of weight.

If it’s possible, bolt the mount directly into the wall or ceiling studs for better stability. You also want to ensure that any cords coming from the blower are taut and away from other items in your garage; trailing power cords can pose safety and trip hazards.

Following these simple steps should allow you to safely hang your leaf blower in the garage so you can quickly get to work when it’s time to tidy up outside again.

Why Should You Hang Leaf Blower in Garage?

Keeping a leaf blower in the garage is an excellent way to keep your outdoor areas clean and tidy. Having it out of sight but easily accessible means you don’t have to bring it from the shed or outside each time you need to use it.

Using some simple wall mounts, mounting the leaf blower in the garage can help you clear leaves, debris, and pet hair from walkways, porches, and patios. This can save huge amounts of time and effort compared to sweeping everything manually with a broom.

Additionally, if inclement weather is forecasted for the upcoming days, this method can allow you to do most of the cleaning before nature gets a hold of those pesky leaves. In conclusion, having your leaf blower conveniently hung up in your garage can make outdoor chores easier and quicker to do.

7 Steps to Follow on How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need a few supplies for this project. A stud finder, a drill/driver with wood bits, eye hook screws, wall anchors, and drywall anchors should all be included in your supplies list. You will also need something to hang your leaf blower on, such as a metal hook or chain. Now that you have everything you need let’s get started!

Step 2: Find The Wall Studs

The first step is to locate the wall studs in your garage. Use the stud finder tool to determine where they are located along the wall where you plan to install the hooks or chains for hanging the leaf blower. Once you have located them, mark them with painter’s tape so that you know exactly where they are located when it comes time to drill into them. 

Step 3: Install The Hooks Or Chains  

Once you have marked the locations of the wall studs, use the drill/driver with wood bits to attach eye hooks screws into them at intervals of 6-8 inches apart from each other, depending on how many hooks or chains you plan on using for hanging your leaf blower.

Hooks or Chains Using for Hanging  Leaf Blower

If no wall studs are available in your garage, then use wall and drywall anchors instead. Make sure they are securely fastened before moving on to step 4! 

Step 4: Hang The Leaf Blower And Enjoy Your New Space

Now that your hooks or chains are installed securely into place, it is time for the final step; hanging your leaf blower! Place one end of whatever material is holding up your leaf blower onto one of the installed hooks or chains and then attach it securely with whatever means necessary (screws/bolts etc.).

Once it is firmly attached to both sides of the wall, then voila! You now have extra space in your garage due to having hung up your leaf blower successfully!              

Step 5: Keep Your Leaf Blower Out Of The Way

It is important to hang your leaf blower at a height that will keep it out of the way and away from any objects or people walking around in your garage. This will help prevent any collisions from occurring, as well as help keep the area tidy and free from clutter.

Step 6: Make Sure It Is Secure

Before you can begin using your leaf blower again, make sure that it is secured and fastened properly. This will ensure that it does not become loose or fall down from its position when used.

Step 7: Enjoy The Extra Space In Your Garage!

By hanging up your leaf blower instead of placing it on the ground, you have freed up a lot of extra space in your garage. You can now use this newfound space to store other necessary tools and items.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to hang leaf blower in garage. By following these steps, you can easily keep your equipment out of the way and free up some extra space in your garage.

A Lot of Extra Space in Your Garage

Things You Need to Know Before Hanging Leaf Blower in Garage

Hanging a leaf blower in your garage can help make keeping up with outdoor yard work more convenient. However, you should consider a few things before deciding to hang your leaf blower. First, you must ensure that your garage has adequate ventilation because leaf blowers emit exhaust gas.

Secondly, if possible, try to find a spot on the wall away from any flammable substances, as running a hot-running engine close to combustible materials could potentially be hazardous.

Lastly, make sure the location is easily accessible so that you don’t have trouble reaching it when needed. Considering these steps, you can enjoy an effective and safe leaf-blowing experience without worry!

Benefits of Hanging Leaf Blower in Garage

We all know our garages are the one place in our homes where we tend to store too much stuff. So organizing it is often a task that can be difficult and time-consuming. However, a useful tool many homeowners may not think of using to help with getting their garages organized is a hanging leaf blower.

Properly mounted, they can keep long-handled tools and garden equipment neat and off the ground, providing space for other items to be stored or worked on.

Hanging both help keep your tools organized, makes them easier to grab when needed, and helps protect them from possible damage on the garage floor. If you hang a leaf blower in your garage today, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Hanging Leaf Blower in Garage

1. Not Measuring the Garage Door Opening

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to hang a leaf blower in their garage is not measuring the garage door opening. The leaf blower needs to be hung to level with the garage door opening. Otherwise, it will not work properly.

2. Not Installing the Hooks Properly

Another common mistake people make is not installing the hooks properly. The hooks need to be installed into the garage studs, so they are secure. If the hooks are not installed properly, the leaf blower could fall and cause damage or injury.

3. Not Using the Right Size Hooks

Make sure you’re using the right size hooks. If your leaf blower is small, don’t use large-sized hooks as they won’t fit and may damage the blower. Additionally, if the hooks are too small, then the weight of the leaf blower could cause them to come loose or fall off the wall.

Use Large-sized Hooks

To find the right hook size, measure the length and width of your leaf blower, then look for hooks that are slightly larger than the measurements. Once you have the correct size hooks, install them securely on your garage wall or ceiling.

4. Not Securing the Leaf Blower

After you have hung your leaf blower, make sure to secure it. This applies both if you’re using a hook or nail and when using a wall mount. Secure the leaf blower in place with screws or bolts so that it does not come loose and fall out of the wall mount or off of the hook/nail.

5. Not Checking for Obstacles

Another mistake people make is not checking for obstacles before hanging the leaf blower. There should be no obstacles in the way of where the leaf blower will be hung so that it can operate properly.

6. Not Following Instructions

The final mistake people make is not following instructions. The instructions that come with the leaf blower should be followed so that it is installed correctly and safely. It is important to read and understand the instructions before attempting to hang your leaf blower.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you will have a safe and effective experience when hanging your leaf blower in your garage. In addition, taking a few precautions beforehand will save you time and energy down the line!


What Kind of Hardware Should I Use to Hang a Leaf Blower in The Garage?

Using the right hardware is essential when it comes to organizing your garage and choosing the best tools for your storage needs. For example, when looking to hang a leaf blower in your garage, you will want to make sure you pick the most reliable and secure hardware possible.

Heavy-duty steel screws driven into wooden studs will be your best bet for hanging the leaf blower…but be sure that the screws don’t penetrate through the other side of the material, or you could wind up with an unwanted hole in your wall!

Use Few Lag Screws or Toggle Bolts

You should also consider a few lag screws or toggle bolts if there are no studs behind the surface where you’ll be placing your hook. This type of hardware is highly reliable, and an expertly installed hook will keep your leaf blower securely off the floor while adding a great finishing touch to your garage’s organization.

How Do I Make Sure the Leaf Blower Is Secure when Hung Up?

To ensure a leaf blower is secure when hung up, use a sturdy and durable hook to hang it on. You should look for hooks that are made of robust material and come with mounting hardware. If you have extra security, consider using heavy-duty zip ties to attach the leaf blower’s handle or strap to prevent it from coming undone.

Additionally, find an appropriate indoor area where the temperature and humidity won’t fluctuate too drastically so that it can be stored safely for future use. By following these few steps when hanging a leaf blower, you can rest assured knowing you are doing all that you can to keep your equipment as safe and secure as possible.

How Much Space Should I Leave Between the Wall and The Leaf Blower when Hanging It Up?

When it comes to hanging up a leaf blower, space is key. Leaving at least 6 inches between the wall and the leaf blower will put it far enough away from the wall so that heat and moisture can escape, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

It also prevents any build-up of dirt or dust along the wall near where you’ve hung your leaf blower, which could clog the vents in the machine and reduce its ability to work as well. On top of this, it is important for safety reasons to maintain a certain distance between walls when hanging your leaf blower.

This ensures that if something does happen with your machine, like an electrical malfunction or fire, it won’t spread too quickly and cause more harm than necessary. So, leaving room between your wall and your leaf blower is a smart move!

Be Alert Electrical Malfunction or Fire


With just a few simple steps and some basic tools, anyone can easily hang their leaf blowers in their garages and save themselves some much-needed space around their home.

By locating wall studs (or using drywall anchors if there are none available), attaching eyehook screws (or other materials) into them at intervals no more than 8 inches apart from each other, and then finally hanging up one’s leafblowers securely using whatever means necessary–the job is done!

So don’t wait any longer–gather up those tools and start hanging up those leafblowers today! Thanks for reading our post about how to hang leaf blower in garage.

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