How to Mow Around Trees

Are you daunted by the task of mowing around those trees in your yard? You’re not alone! Keeping a neat and tidy lawn while avoiding damage to foliage can seem like an impossible feat. But don’t despair – there are plenty of simple techniques that’ll help keep your grass looking great without costing you any tree bark.

How to Mow Around Trees

Our blog post will walk you through all the steps you need to take in order to achieve perfect mowing results around every tree in your garden, so read on for more information! Maintaining your lawn and landscaping can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to mowing around trees.

But with the right tools and knowledge, taking care of those pesky edges doesn’t have to feel like a chore! In this blog post, you’ll learn how to mow around trees so that your yard looks great while still protecting them from any potential damage.

Why May You Want to Mow Around Trees?

1 . To Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Yard

Mowing around trees can greatly enhance the appearance of your yard. When done correctly, mowing around trees creates a neat and tidy landscape that can add to the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

2 . To Prevent Damage to Tree Trunks and Roots

Mowing too close to tree trunks or cutting over tree roots can cause damage to the tree itself. This can lead to pests and diseases invading the tree, which can ultimately result in its death. By mowing around trees, you can avoid any accidental damage and ensure the health and longevity of your trees.

3 . To Create a Safe Environment for Yourself and Others

Mowing around trees can also promote safety in your yard. By maintaining a clear and visible space around trees, you can prevent any potential hazards from hidden stumps or branches. This is especially important if you have children or pets that may be running around your yard.

Prevent Hazards From Hidden Stumps or Branches

4 . To Encourage Proper Growth of Trees

Mowing around trees can also benefit the growth of your trees. By leaving a designated area for your trees to grow without interference from the lawn mower, you are allowing them to develop their root systems and establish themselves in your yard.

5 . To Save Time and Energy

Mowing around trees may seem like an extra step, but it can actually save you time and energy in the long run. By avoiding obstacles such as trees, you can mow more efficiently without constantly having to maneuver around them. Additionally, you won’t have to spend extra time cleaning up any accidental damage caused by mowing over tree roots or trunks.

How to Mow Around Trees in 5 Easy Steps

Now that you understand why it is important to mow around trees, here are some tips to help you do it correctly:

Step 1: Identify the Trunk and Root Zone

Before you begin mowing, take note of where the tree trunk is located and the area around it where the roots are likely to spread. This will help you determine how close you can safely mow without causing damage.

Step 2: Use a String Trimmer or Hand Tools

To avoid running over tree roots and damaging them with your lawn mower, use a string trimmer or hand tools to mow around the tree. These tools are more precise and allow you to easily navigate around the tree without causing any harm.

Step 3: Create a Mulch Ring

Instead of trying to mow right up to the base of the tree, create a mulch ring around it. This not only protects the tree from mowing damage, but it also helps retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing.

Create a Mulch Ring Around It

Step 4: Mow in a Different Direction

If you have multiple trees in your yard, consider mowing in a different direction each time to avoid creating ruts or compacting the soil around them. This will help keep the ground healthy and promote better growth for your trees.

Step 5: Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Trees

In addition to mowing around them, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain your trees. This includes pruning any dead or damaged branches and checking for signs of pests or diseases. By keeping your trees healthy, you can ensure their longevity in your yard.

By following these tips, you can effectively mow around trees while also promoting the health and aesthetics of your yard. With a little extra effort, you can maintain a beautiful and safe outdoor space for yourself and others to enjoy.

So go ahead and grab your lawn mower, but remember to take the necessary precautions when mowing around trees! Remember, healthy trees mean a healthier environment for all.

Some Extra Tips to Mow Around Trees

1 . Do Not Rush

When mowing around trees, it is important to take your time and not rush through the process. Trees can be delicate and easily damaged, so it is important to be patient and careful while maneuvering around them.

Careful While Maneuvering Around Them

2 . Use a Push Mower

A push mower is the best option for mowing around trees as it allows you to have more control and precision. Riding mowers may be quicker, but they can also cause damage to the tree’s roots or trunk if not careful.

3 . Avoid Striking the Tree

Be mindful of the blade when mowing around trees, as it can easily strike the tree and cause damage. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the tree while mowing and use a weed eater to get closer to the trunk.

4 . Keep the Tree’s Shape in Mind

When mowing around trees, it is important to keep the tree’s shape in mind. Avoid cutting too close or trimming off branches as this can harm the tree and affect its growth. Also , be sure to leave enough space around the tree for proper air circulation.

5 . Alternate Mowing Directions

To ensure that the grass around trees is evenly cut, it is recommended to alternate mowing directions. This helps prevent any uneven patches and also helps strengthen the grass by encouraging it to grow in different directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Mowing Around Trees?

Ensure the Safety of Yourself and the Tree

When mowing around trees, there are several precautions that you should take to ensure the safety of both yourself and the tree. These include:

  • Check for any low branches or obstacles in your path before you start mowing.
  • Adjusting the mower deck height to avoid cutting into the root system or damaging the bark of the tree.
  • Using a push mower instead of a riding mower to have better control and avoid any accidents.
  • Be mindful of the direction in which you are mowing, always moving away from the tree trunk rather than towards it.
  • Take extra caution when mowing on slopes or uneven terrain near trees.

By following these precautions, you can help protect both your lawn and your trees from any potential damage.

What Type of Equipment Should I Use for Mowing Around Trees?

When it comes to mowing around trees, using the right equipment is crucial. Depending on the size and type of tree, you may need different tools for effective and safe mowing. Some options include:

  • A push mower with a smaller deck size (around 20 inches) for better maneuverability and control.
  • A string trimmer or edger for trimming around the base of the tree and hard-to-reach areas.
  • A leaf blower to clear any debris that may have accumulated around the tree.

It’s important to choose equipment that is appropriate for your specific lawn and trees, as using the wrong tools can result in damage to both.

How Often Should I Mow Around Trees?

The frequency of mowing around trees depends on various factors, such as the type of grass and climate in your area, as well as the growth rate and size of your trees. Generally, it’s recommended to mow once a week during the growing season. However, if you have slower-growing grass or smaller trees, you may be able to extend the time between mowing. It’s important to not let the grass get too tall around trees, as this can lead to uneven trimming and potential damage.


Mowing around trees does not have to be a tedious and difficult task. By following the tips mentioned above, you can easily navigate your mower around trees in your yard with minimal effort. A sure way to maintain a neat and well-kept lawn is to practice proper tree-mowing technique from the start.

Now you know how to mow around trees! Start now: identify problem areas around your trees, pick the right mower for the job, adjust the deck, take advantage of landscaping tools and accessories, and use extra caution when mowing near trees. With these simple steps, you will achieve a beautiful yard that is both safe and easily maintained! Move forward confidently – there’s no need to be scared of that big ol’ tree any longer!

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