How to Remove Tree Roots From Under Concrete

Are you dealing with unwanted tree roots that have grown under your concrete driveway or walkway? If you see signs of tree roots growing beneath your concrete sidewalk or driveway, don’t panic – you can get rid of them! Removing tree roots from underneath concrete is an involved process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you follow the right steps.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the steps how to remove tree roots from under concrete involved in removing tree roots from underneath concrete.

How to Remove Tree Roots From Under Concrete

We will cover why it is important to remove these roots before they cause more damage, what tools and equipment you need to do the job safely and effectively, and finally, provide tips on how to prevent trees from infiltrating your concrete in the future. Keep reading for all the details about uprooting those pesky tree roots once and for all!

How Tree Roots Damage Concrete?

1. Damage Foundation

Tree roots can cause damage to concrete foundations by pushing through the cracks or voids in the concrete. This can lead to further cracking, buckling, and even displacement of your driveway or walkway. Therefore, it is important to remove tree roots before they do more damage beneath your foundation.

2. Interfere With Drainage System

Tree roots can also interfere with your drainage system. If tree roots infiltrate the underground storm drains around your property, they can clog them up and prevent water from draining properly. This can lead to flooding and other water damage on your property.

Things to Remember While Removing Tree Roots From Under Concrete

1. Use Proper Tools

It is important to use the right tools when removing tree roots from under concrete. A shovel and pickaxe are usually sufficient for smaller roots, but a jackhammer might be necessary for larger ones. Make sure to wear protective gear like safety goggles and gloves while using these tools.

Safety Goggles and Gloves

2. Add Fill Material

Once you’ve removed the tree roots, it’s important to fill in the space where they were with suitable fill material. This can include gravel, sand, or other materials that are designed to pack tightly and provide stability for your foundation.

3. Prevent Future Growth

In order to prevent the future growth of tree roots beneath your concrete, consider using root barriers along the perimeter of your property. These barriers will keep tree roots from infiltrating the soil and causing further damage beneath your foundation.

By following these steps, you can successfully remove tree roots from under concrete and prevent them from causing more damage in the future. If you’re unsure of how to handle a large root removal project on your own, contact a professional for help.

Tools Needed for Removing Tree Roots From Under Concrete

Before you get started on removing tree roots from under concrete, make sure you have the right tools and equipment. The following items will come in handy for the task:

  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Jackhammer
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Gravel or Sand (for filling in space)
  • Root Barriers (for prevention)

Now that you have all the tools you need, it’s time to get started on removing those pesky tree roots and preventing further damage. Follow the steps outlined above for a successful tree root removal project!

10 Ways How to Remove Tree Roots From Under Concrete

1. Dig Out the Roots

Digging out the tree roots is one of the most reliable ways to remove them from under concrete. Use a spade or shovel to carefully dig around and lift out as much of the root structure as possible. While digging out the roots, be sure to protect both the concrete and the surrounding landscape.

While Digging Out the Roots

2. Cut Away Large Roots with a Chainsaw

If there are large tree roots that cannot be removed by digging, use a chainsaw or reciprocating saw to cut them away from their base in sections. Wear protective equipment as necessary when using power tools, like a chainsaw near concrete.

3. Apply Herbicide

Applying an herbicide to the roots can be effective for both killing trees and preventing regrowth. Herbicides with glyphosate or triclopyr are particularly good at killing trees without impacting surrounding vegetation. Be sure to follow application instructions carefully and avoid drifting onto other plants or concrete walls.

4. Pruning

If the tree is still alive, pruning can be an effective way to remove roots and reduce regrowth. Prune away any small rootlets that are growing through concrete or near it.

5. Cut a Channel in Concrete

For stubborn roots that cannot be removed with other methods, cutting a channel into concrete can help to remove them more easily. Use a masonry saw to cut away a portion of the concrete, remove the root system, and then fill in the void with fresh concrete.

Masonry Saw to Cut

6. Smother Roots With Plastic Sheeting

If chemical or mechanical methods are not successful, you can smother roots by covering them with plastic sheeting or tarps. This is best done during the hot summer months when the roots are most vulnerable. Secure the sheeting with soil or rocks to prevent it from blowing away.

7. Use a Root Saw

A root saw is specially designed to cut through large tree roots. This tool can be used to cut into the concrete and remove any stubborn roots in the way. Wear protective gloves and safety goggles when using this tool near concrete.

8. Hire a Professional

If the tree roots are particularly stubborn or large, you may want to consider hiring a professional tree service for assistance. Professionals have the necessary tools and knowledge to safely remove large roots from under concrete without damaging either.

9. Expose Roots with Hydro-jetting Technology

Hydro-jetting technology uses high-pressure water jets to cut through tree roots and expose them for removal. This is a great way to get rid of stubborn roots without having to dig into the concrete or use power tools.

10. Locate the Stump

If all else fails, you may need to locate the stump of the tree and remove it with a stump grinder or

2. Use a grinder, jackhammer, or other tools to break up the concrete so that you can access any remaining parts of the tree root system. Exercise caution when using power tools and avoid damaging the concrete. Fill in any gaps with fresh cement or sealant once you’re done.

By following these 10 easy steps, you can safely and efficiently get rid of tree roots from under concrete and restore functionality to driveways, walkways, fences, patios, and more! With dedicated effort and the right tools, you can keep trees away from your home and yard without having to deal with pesky tree roots.

6 Safety Precautions to Follow When Removing Tree Roots From Under Concrete

Safety is paramount when it comes to DIY projects that involve removing tree roots from under concrete. It can be a difficult and dangerous job, so before you begin the process of removal, make sure to take these six safety precautions:

  • Wear protective clothing. Protective clothing should include long pants, closed-toe shoes, gloves, eye protection, and a face mask. Protective clothing will protect you from any cuts, scratches, or debris that might be embedded in the tree roots.
  • Have a first-aid kit on hand. A good first-aid kit should include bandages, antiseptic ointment, and other necessary medical supplies in case of an accident during the removal process. First-aid kits can be purchased at most drugstores.
  • Have the right tools for the job. The tools needed to remove tree roots from under concrete include a spade, pickaxe, crowbar, and sledgehammer. Make sure that all of these tools are in good condition before you begin the project.
  • Perform any necessary digging safely by hand. Digging by hand is the safest way to remove tree roots from under concrete. You should never use a power tool for this job as it could cause damage to the roots and create an unsafe environment.
  • Always stay clear of electrical lines. If you are working near any electrical lines, make sure that you keep at least 6 feet away from them at all times. It is also important to make sure that no tools or debris come into contact with the electrical lines.
  • Locate any gas lines before beginning. You should always be aware of any underground gas lines in the area, as hitting one could create an extremely hazardous situation. Call your local utility company to locate any gas lines before you begin digging.
Digging by Hand is the Safest Way


Being sure to keep yourself safe during the process of tree root removal is of utmost importance. The goal here is to safely remove the roots without causing any damage to the surrounding concrete, soil, or other structural elements of your home or landscaping. 

Choose whatever method works best for you and your property, and have confidence that with some careful attention and patience, you can take care of this issue. Carefully researching available options before proceeding with the removal may be beneficial so you are able to make an informed decision when tackling this project.

Once you are clear on which option will work for you, reach out to a tree care professional or contractor experienced in this kind of work who can help walk you through the rest of the process efficiently and effectively. Now that you know how to remove tree roots from under concrete get started today and feel secure that your property will return to its pre-root environment soon!

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